About Lucy

I feed urban foxes, pet other people’s cats, occasionally share blog posts, and enjoy going for long walks by the sea in my hometown of Worthing. Oh, and sometimes I write books, too.


When I was little, I always wanted to be a writer — but I thought it was something other people did. But after spending my teen years drafting fan fiction and writing a successful “Alphabet Legacy Challenge” story using The Sims 2 (don’t ask), I realised that maybe I could be one of those other people after all.

So after gaining my BA (Hons) in English at the University of Sussex, I stayed on an extra year for an MA in Creative and Critical Writing, and decided to take this writing stuff seriously.

My first novel, a funny mystery called BEYOND THE CALL OF BEAUTY, won me a place in Pitch Wars 2015. During and after this contest I made some great friends in the writing community, but unfortunately the book wasn’t to be. I went back to the drawing board (specifically in terms of writing something that was actually marketable) and switched genre, tense, and perspective.

In June 2017, my psychological thriller THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND was a runner-up in the Daily Mail First Novel Competition, judged by literary agent Luigi Bonomi of LBA. Two years later in April 2019, I was signed up to LBA with the brilliant Hannah Schofield as my agent, and since then we’ve been working together on my own specific brand of twisty psych thrillers: dark, emotional, and focused on women’s empowerment rather than our exploitation.

For marketability reasons, Hannah and I decided to work on a different thriller as a possible debut, and in mid-2021 we went on submission for the first ever time with a book about sisters and men you can’t trust — I’M HERE FOR YOU.

Submission was, I’m happy to say, very successful!

In Autumn 2021 I signed a contract with Leodora Darlington at Thomas & Mercer (Amazon Publishing’s crime and thriller imprint) for publication of my first novel, now called THE EDGE.

Publishing in November 2022, you can pre-order THE EDGE at Amazon and many other places where books are sold!

For more information including links and content warnings, please refer to this dedicated page of my website.

With publishing being as secretive as it is, that’s all I can say for now about my books — but rest assured, more news will be dropping (hopefully) very soon!

Novels aside, I’ve also been a flash fiction judge for Mash Stories, am a member of two lovely writing groups, and even went viral on The Dodo once when one of my garden foxes invited a hedgehog over for dinner.

If you’d like to see me try (and fail) to combat my socially anxious impulses on Twitter or see cute fox pics (and bad watercolours) on my Instagram, I’m @goachwriter on both.


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